Escalante-Boulder Veterans Memorial

Veterans' Memorial
Escalante-Boulder Veterans’ Memorial

The vision for the Escalante-Boulder Veterans Memorial was in the hearts of a number of local residents for years and finally was given birth at the Annual Veterans Day observance sponsored by the DAR and the Local American Legion in November 2002. Committee members consisted of representatives from the: Lions Clubs, Sons of the Utah Pioneers, American Legion, City of Escalante, DAR, and representatives from nearby Boulder, Utah. Cement bricks are engraved with the names of people who donated to the Escalante Memorial.

Eventually a site was located in the city park, and a bronze sculpture was selected to honor all veterans. Three granite slabs are engraved with the names of the men and women who enlisted in the military from Escalante and Boulder. Over 450 names were found and placed on the monument. Brick pavers, placed Engraved Namesin the entrance walkway, were engraved with the names of veterans now living in Escalante and Boulder.  Veterans of earlier wars, including the Revolutionary War, will be added in the coming years.

Chairman, Jerry Roundy, persisted in discovering lost names and locating family members to notify them of the opportunity to honor their service. Donations came from around the country.  Bald Eagle Chapter member, Harriet Priska, acted as secretary-treasurer.

Groundbreaking Ceremony
Escalante-Boulder Veterans Memorial groundbreaking ceremony.

Groundbreaking was done on Memorial Day, 2004, and the dedication was held on July 24, 2004. Over 900 people came from around the country; some had not been home for 60 years.

Eagle Scout, Peter Christensen, raised funds to plant a native plant garden around the perimeter of the oval cement area where three granite slabs were placed. A flagpole is on one side of the granite slabs, and a poignant bronze sculpture of a soldier is standing on the other side.

Additionally, the Eagle Scout wrote the names of each veteran listed on the monument on small American Flags which were place around the garden area for family members to take home as a memento of the occasion.

Dedication Ceremony
Escalante-Boulder Veterans Memorial dedication ceremony

This is a wonderful addition to our community and is held in high regard by all the veterans families and citizenry.