124th State Conference: DAR Fountain Program

Hello Friends,

As a feature of our 124th Utah State Conference, a program was held in Salt Lake City’s Liberty Park near to where the DAR Fountain is located.

While the fountain is only sculptural edifice to the past, as it is no longer a functioning drinking fountain, the past Utah Daughters would be pleased that it is surrounded by plants and flowers remaining a monument to Utah’s DAR history.

A program was held with talks from the Utah State Historian and State Historic Preservation Chair. A musical number, with bagpipes and a drum, was performed by a Utah Daughter and her mother. Refreshments followed the program.

Despite temperatures being quite hot, the Utah Daughters look effortlessly cool as they posed for photos in front of the Fountain’s flower bed.

Sharing Our DAR Legacy through Historic Preservation,

Kathryn Asay,

Utah State Regent