Chapter History

100 Years of Golden Spike Chapter, NSDAR

Golden Spike Chapter NSDAR was organized in October 1919 in Ogden, Utah. The chapter was named to honor the 150th anniversary of the driving of the golden spike, which joined the Transcontinental Railroad at nearby Promontory Summit in 1869.

In the October 1921 issue of the Daughters of the American Revolution Magazine, the Golden Spike Chapter Secretary wrote,

“The Golden Spike Chapter (Ogden, Utah) was organized in October, 1919. The year 1919 was the fiftieth anniversary of the completion of the Union Pacific and Southern Pacific Railroads, and on May 10th of that year, 1869, the Golden Spike was driven at Corrine, Utah, a small town near Ogden, which connected the East with the West. In commemoration of this–the most important railroad wedding in the world–. . . we selected this name.”

Golden Spike became Utah’s second DAR chapter at an organizational meeting October 31, 1919, when Clara Boreman Carver was chosen as the first Chapter Regent; the Chapter was officially organized on December 8 and chartered on January 1, 1920.

Organizing Members:

Helen Abbott Glick

Leota Sabula Kennedy Hutsinpillar

Mary Ennis/Ellen Weamer McGee

Helen Lois Taylor Nelson

Florence Elizabeth Littlefield Turner

Nancy Abbey Williams

Golden Spike Chapter Charter

Charter Members:

  1. Helen Abbott Glick
  2. Jesse Gaddis Barber
  3. Mary Black Gaddis
  4. Mary Caroline Johnson Griffin
  5. Bernice Hawkins Glick
  6. Clara Boreman Carver
  7. Mary Ennis/Ellen Weamer McGee
  8. Mary Alberta [Isaacs] Littlefield
  9. Florence Elizabeth Littlefield Turner
  10. Esther Sarah King
  11. Leota Sabula Kennedy Hutsinpillar
  12. Nancy Abbey Williams
  13. Harriet “Hettie”Williams Taylor
  14. Cora Williams Hobbs
  15. Helen Lois Taylor Nelson
  16. Mary Phyllis McGee Elder
  17. Ethel Wayde Franke
  18. Grace Briggs Overstreet
  19. Ann [Briggs] Overstreet Rue
  20. Edna Burnham Bletcher
  21. Linda L. Irwin
  22. Gertrude Lydia Moore Ludden
  23. Lavina Slocum Palmer
  24. Katherin Shepherd Knisely
  25. Ella Brashear Chandler
  26. Joseph (Jo) Gordon Kimball
  27. Margaret Mary Mallery

First Officers:

Clara Boreman Carver – Regent
Jessie Gaddis Barber – Vice Regent
Miss Nancy Abbey Williams – Recording & Corresponding Secretary
Leota Kennedy Hutsinpillar – Registrar
Mary A Weamer McGee – Treasurer

The 1921 article continues,

“On September 23, 1920, a State [Society] for Utah was organized. . . , which included the Golden Spike Chapter of Ogden, and the Spirit of Liberty Chapter of Salt Lake City. . . On March 29, 1921, the first State Conference convened in Ogden, at the Weber Club. . . ” For years, state conferences alternated between Salt Lake City and Ogden.

Past Chapter Regents

1920 Clara Boreman Carver (c) *

1921 Jessie Gaddis Barber (c) *

1922 Grace Briggs Overstreet (c)/   Cora Williams Hobbs (c)

1923 Edna Burnham Bletcher (c)

1924 Edna Burnham Bletcher (c)/   Mary Caroline Johnson Griffin (c)

1925 Harriet Williams Taylor (c)

1926 Florence Root Day Bristol (V) *

1927 Edna Francelle Davenport Whitmeyer *

1928 Virginia Grigsby Evans *

1929 Joseph (Jo) Gordan Kimball (c)

1930 Mary Alberta Littlefield (c)

1931–32 Willie Dale Cole Mulcahy *

1933 Florence Hanscom Parmley *

1934 Ora Leigh Traughber

1935 Estella Epperson Saxton

1935–37 Lilliebell McChesney Falck

1938 Gertrude Smith Coolidge Irwin/    Blanche Stone Stadelman

1939 Edna P. Pugh Wade

1940 Helen Moore Robbins

1941 Beatrice Dalton Johnson

1942–43 Hazel R. Sewel Price *

1944 Venetia Proctor Winkler

1945 Hazel R. Sewell Price *

1946 Harriet Williams Taylor (c)

1947 Inez Cortez Truscott

1948 Myrna Chapman Logan *

1949–50 Luella Kelly Cortner *

1951–52 Fava K. Parker

1953 Anna R. Williams

1954 Dana Kelly *

1955 Imogene Pollard Bruce

1956–57 Hasseltine Sims Turner

1958 Luella Kelly Cortner *

1959 Marcia Searles Core *

1960 Belle Nance Jacobs *

1961 Marcia Searles Core *

1962 Catharine Cushman Lynch

1965–66 Dora Heywood Barker

1967 Martha Charlotte Zinn Maughan *(V)

1968 Josephine Heywood Holland

1969–70 Jane Moss Hatch

1971–72 Lorraine Edith March Kolpack

1973–75 Barbara Ann Clegg Roundy

1976–77 Jean Wade Browning

1978–79 Elizabeth Dee Shaw Stewart

1980–85 Elva Mary Petersen Urie *

1986–88 Catherine Farr Feeney

1989–91 Jean Wade Browning

1992–94 Lorilee Hayes Beazer

1995–2000 Helen Smith Rabe

2001–03 Christine Ellen Donohue Stegen

2004–06 Joyce Keener Hamilton

2007–09 Marjorie Vowles Strand

2010–12 Caryl Fisher Shaw Sparks

2013–16 Lorilee Hayes Beazer

2016–18 Patricia Anne Stirling Bausman

(c) Chapter Charter Member
(V) National Vice President General
* Utah State Regent