The Salt Lake Valley Chapter, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR or DAR), welcomes you to our website!

The Salt Lake Valley Chapter NSDAR was granted its charter on April 18, 1959. In 1991, the chapter began its Bill of Rights savings account to support the awards and scholarships for worthy individuals. A Chapter Patriot Book was published as our DAR Centennial Project.

Throughout its existence, the chapter has presented a variety of programs, always keeping in mind the goals and objectives of the National Society. All chapter members participate in DAR sponsored programs to ensure our children’s children the blessings of liberty.

Our chapter meetings are currently held at 1 p.m. on the third Saturday of each month. The exceptions are December, March and April. For more information, please contact our chapter regent.

Our Patriots

Daughter Patriot, State of Service, Rank*
Patricia Fullerton Rhodam Allen, NC, PS
Patricia Fullerton Robert Armstrong, SC, LT
Bonnie Cervino Gideon Austin, Sr., RI, PVT
Monica Hoyt William Beall, VT, CS, PVT
Dawn Lisa Slater Nathan Beecher, CT/NY, PVT
Roxcy Welch Jacob Bigler, MD, PVT
Connie MacKinnon Peter Biter, MA, CPL
Dawn Lisa Slater John Blair, MA, PVT
Eleanor Barrell Valentine Boyer, Sr., PA, PVT
Marilyn Kurt Samuel Bradford, MD, PVT
Nancy Hildebrand Carter Braxton, VA, SDI, PS
Mary Louise Rainey Matthew Brown, PA, PVT CS PS
Mary Louise Rainey William Brown, PA, PVT PS
Megan Ribelin Pleasant Bybee, VA, PVT
Janice Smith John Clark, CT, PVT
Patricia Fullerton Thomas Clayton, VA, PS
Tanya Lewis
Augustine Comer, VA, PS, PVT
Marjorie Crowley Thomas Compton, SC, CS, PS, SOL
Lucy Peterson Samuel Coy, CT, PVT
Constance Lockhart Ezekiel Crane, NJ, CAPT
Bonnie Cervino James Cranston, RI, SOL
Darle Taylor Rev. Jedediah Dewey, VT, PS
Jane Garrett William Dewey, CT/NH, CPL
Patricia Fullerton Esau Dodson, NC, PVT
Anastasia Steere Samuel Etter, PA, SOL
Juanita Carter John Files, Sr, SC, CAPT
Linda Abel Henry Fletcher, VA, PS
Vickie Fuller Ebenezer Foote, CT, PVT
Sandra Ball Alpheus Gillette, CT, PVT
Carol Warenski Elijah Hanson, NC, NONCOM
Bettybob Williams Joseph Harding, NC, MAJ CS PS
Kay Christiansen William Hardwick, Sr., SC, SGT, PS
Anastasia Steere Daniel Henning, PA, SGT
Patricia Fullerton William Elisha Herring, SC, CS
Jill Vicory George Baltzer Hess, PA, PS
Anastasia Steere John Hilton, Jr., DE, ART
Anastasia Steere John Hilton, Sr., MD, PS
Jill Vicory Thomas Horton, SC, SGTMAJ
Darle Taylor Weight Hopkins, VT, MAJ
Bridget Hutchison William Horney, NC, PS
Cheryl Thomson Alexander Irwin, GA, CAPT
Martha Kay Isaac Johnson, VA, CPL
Patricia Fullerton John Johnston, SC, CS, PS
Patricia Fullerton David Jones, NC, PVT
Bettybob Williams Nathaniel Kennard, Jr., MD, LT
Bettybob Williams Nathaniel Kennard, Sr., MD, SOL
Claire Schupbach Daniel Kimball, NH, PS
Bettybob Williams Charles King, NC, SOL
Anastasia Steere Conrad Koiner, PA, ENS
Anastasia Steere Michael Koiner, PA, PS
Vickie Fuller Ebenezer Lane, MA, PS, CS
Vickie Fuller Nathan Lane, MA, SGT
Patricia Fullerton Andrew Liddell, SC, PVT
Patricia Fullerton James Liddell, SC, CS, PS
Gail Hales Robert Lemon, MD, CAPT, CS
Rosalie Miller James Matheny, PA, ENS
Anastasia Steere Jacob Matter, Sr., PA, 2LT
Patricia Fullerton Jesse Maxey, VA, PVT
Patricia Fullerton Walter Maxey, Sr., VA, PS
Kay Christiansen Frizzell McTeer, VA, SGT
Harri Anne Smith Frizzell McTeer, VA, SGT
Bettybob Williams Jame Mccubbin, NC, PVT
Patricia Fullerton Jeremiah/Jesse McWhorter, SC, SGT
Patricia Fullerton John Miller, SC, PVT, PS
Glidie Mobley Lawrence Miller, VA, PVT
Dawn Lisa Slater William Morgan, VA, CPL
Tani Smihula Joseph Nation, NC, PVT
Sandra Ball James Nichols, VT, SGT
Sandra Ball Samuel Nichols, VT, PVT
Vickie Fuller Eleazer Nickerson, Jr., MA, PVT
Patricia Fullerton James Nunn, VA, CPL
Patricia Fullerton Jane Nunn, VA, PS
Marie Tomaso McEvoy George Osborn, MA, PVT
Patricia Fullerton Richard Owings, SC, PVT
Claire Schupbach Robert Page, VA, PS
Karri Krattley Timothy Kearl Parcher, MA, SOL
Linda Abel John Riley Parker, VA, CAPT
Hazel Peterson Isaac Parker, CT, SGT
Lauren Peterson Isaac Parker, CT, SGT
Dorothy Williams Robert Parker, Jr., NH, SGT
Patricia Fullerton Martin Phillips, VA, PS
Sandra Ball Benjamin Pomeroy, CT, STAFFOF
Bonnie Cervino Boyce John Prudden, NJ, PVT
Shaunna Hood Elijah Reed, NY, PS
Patricia Fullerton Drury Robertson, VA, PS
Lori Howell Benjamin Rolfe, NH, PVT, PS
Patricia Fullerton John Ross, NC, PVT
Glenda Keune John Ross, PA, SOL
Patricia Fullerton William Ross, NC, PS
Pat Moseman James Rowland, NC, PVT
Bettybob Williams Barbara Barbary Rupp, PA, PS
Anastasia Steere Christian Rupp, Jr., PA, MIL
Bettybob Williams Nicholas Rupp, VA, PVT
Colleen Magee Abram Schenck, NJ, PVT
Darle Taylor David Shepard, NH/MA, PVT
Ruth Stone Asa Smith, MA, PVT
Julie Tisdale Thomas Smith, VA, PVT
Patricia Hanson William Spicer, VA/NC, PVT
Betty Lou Manwaring John Stahlman, PA, PVT
Bettybob Williams Reuben C. Stone, SC, PVT, PS
Judith Whittlesey Harman Stout, PA, CAPT
Peggy Bigler Ephraim Terry, CT, CS, PS
Susan Holt Benjamin Thurman, SC, PS
Susan Holt John Tipton, VA, COL
Nicole Hu John Tipton, VA, COL
Marjorie Crowley John Tisdale, SC, PS
Sandra Ball Elnathan Tobey, MA, PS
Sandra Ball Zaccheus Tobey, MA, PVT
Amy Bradford Abraham Vandall, NY, PVT
Abigail Van Sice John Cornelius Van Sice, NY, PVT
Janet Otterness John Ware, NC, PVT
Sandra Ball Thomas Warner, CT, PVT
Lila Wright Reuben Warriner, MA, CPL
Lauren Peterson Daniel Washburn, NY, PVT
Nicole Kendall Timothy Wellington, MA, SGT
Marjorie Crowley Joseph W. West, SC, PVT
Bettybob Williams Luke Whitfield, SC, CAPT
Janeal Christensen William Witcher, VA, CS CAPT
Chrystal Godfrey William Witcher, VA, CS CAPT
Malea Heward William Witcher, VA, CS CAPT
Elyse Jimenez William Witcher, VA, CS CAPT
Anastasia Steere Peter Wolfenbarger, PA, PS
Janet Otterness Samuel Cunningham Woodside, SC, PS
Adele Swenson Jesse Worden, CT/RI, PVT
Leslie Gates Henry Yeary, Sr., VA, PS

*Ranks of Service Legend
ADC – Aide-de-Camp
ART – Artificer
BG – Brigadier General
CAPT – Captain
CHP – Chaplain
CL – Continental Line
COL – Colonel
CPL – Corporal
CS – Civil Service
ENS – Ensign
FIF – Fifer
1LT – First Lieutenant
LT – Lieutenant
LTC – Lieutenant Colonel
MAJ – Major
MM – Minute Man
NONCOM – Non-Commissioned Officer
ORDL – Orderly
PNSR – Pensioner
PS – Patriotic Service
PVT – Private
S.D.I. – Signer of the Declaration of Independence
SGT – Sergeant
SGTMAJ – Sergeant Major
SOL – Soldier
STAFFOF – Staff Officer
WPNSR – Wife who received pension