The Sego Lily Chapter, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR or DAR), welcomes you to our website!lily-all-threeIn 1976, the Sego Lily Chapter NSDAR was established in order to create a chapter in Davis County. It was named the Sego Lily Chapter NSDAR to pay honor to the state flower of Utah. The following poem demonstrates why we found this name choice so endearing.

“Sweet native lily of the western plains, to us you are a sacred flower.
Your smile gave promise that the wastelands, after awhile,
held harvest hope for earnest toil and pains
of Pioneers who trekked uncharted ways to find a home.

Your graceful flower cup of creamy petals, outward curved,
looks up to drink night’s dews and warmth of shining days:

Your dainty markings, soft as velvet down,
blend into yellow gold from richest brown,
in depths of loveliness.

Your slender stem and modest leaves crown you a flower gem,
like you, our Utah gropes with eager hands –

For food and beauty in the desert lands.”


Unless otherwise noted, our meetings are held on the third Saturday of the month, September through May, at 10:30 a.m. If you are interested in attending, please email our chapter regent for a meeting location.

Our Patriots

Patriot, State of Service, Rank Member
Allen, William, NC, PS Frances Johnston
Bates, Fleming , VA, CAPT Melissa Moon
Chubbuck, Ensign, Jr., VA Teresa Call
Clarkson, Constantine, VA Glenette Louton
Cole, Elisha, NY Roberta Lader
Daniels, Beverly, VA, SGT Cindy Toone
Daniels, Beverly, VA, SGT Emily Toone
Daniels, Charles, VA, PS Cindy Toone
Downer, Cyprian, VT Loretta Enders
Drew, Gilbert, NY, SGT Beth Marshall
Duncan, Joseph, Sr., VA, PS Sarah Bouley
Erkenbrack, Philip, NY, PVT Darla Jan Michel
Foster, William, VA, PVT/M Cindy Toone
Freeman, Thomas, MA, PVT Dorothy Eldredge Dautel
Gordon, Thomas, VA Ann Daniels
Gould, James, CT Stacey Richards
Grant, Elizabeth Boone, NC, PS Sharon Linde
Grant, William, Sr., VA, PS Sharon Linde
Green, Henry, MD, PVT Belinda Barking
Green, Henry, MD, PVT Judy Barking
Guthrie, Henry, NC Janice Welsh
Harrod, Levi, PA Peggy Cousineau
Lee, Thomas, NC Tanya Bird
Lyon, Caleb, Jr., NY, PVT Emily Clark
Lyon, Caleb, Jr., NY, PVT Christine Schultz
Marselis, Richard/Dirk, NY, PS Cindy Toone
McConnell, William, PA, PVT Sharon Linde
Moore, William, VA, LT Sharon Linde
Nebuckar, John, Jr., DE Dawn Ratliff
Owen, John, Sr., NC, PS Frances Johnston
Owen, Thomas, NC, MAJ Frances Johnston
Poland, Seward, MA, PVT Joan Yarrington
Smock, John, NJ Jennifer Long
Stewart, John, PA, PVT Frances Johnston
Taggart, James, NH, 1LT Connie Hazen
Underwood, David, MA Elizabeth Toone
Wade, Daniel, NJ Fay Miles
Young, John, MA, PVT Julia Whetman


CAPT — Captain
ENS — Ensign
1LT — First Lieutenant
LT — Lieutenant
MAJ — Major
M — Matross
PS — Patriotic Service
PVT — Private
SGT — Sergeant
SOL — Soldier