2022 Board


Chapter Regent~ JaLaine Lowe

Hello! My name is JaLaine Lowe, Chapter Regent for the Spirit of America Chapter, NSDAR. Five years ago, I contacted DAR when I discovered a Revolutionary War patriot in my family tree. It was thrilling to learn that my family history is directly connected to the founding of this great nation! I am proud to honor my patriot through the DAR mission of Historic Preservation, Education, and Patriotism.

I am excited that you have found our website and hope that you will attend a monthly chapter meeting to learn more about this outstanding organization. If relevant service to your community is what you are looking for, we can help you get started and make new friends along the way.


Vice Regent-~ Shannon Groves

I was first introduced to the DAR while attending Rootstech in 2011. As a mom of 3 young boys, the timing wasn’t right. Years later, I came across a story from my G-G-G Grandfather, Zerah Pulsipher. We had kept a detailed journal and wrote about his father and grandfather, John and David Pulsipher. They fought in the Battle of Bunker Hill. After visiting Boston, the birth place of the American Revolution, I knew I had to honor my ancestor’s legacy by joining the Daughters of the American Revolution.

In 2020, I was searching for a blood drive, and the local chapter was sponsoring one. I started searching for information on the Spirit of America Chapter. Within two months, my application was approved and I was sworn in. It’s been so wonderful getting to know the many facets of DAR. Being a member of the DAR has provided me a way to actively serve in my community, celebrate my love for America and honor the legacy of my patriots who fought for this great nation.

Along with family history, I enjoy running, spinning, hiking, traveling, gardening, reading, British period dramas and napping.  My favorite holiday is the 4th of July.

I am looking forward to serving as the Spirit of America Chapter Vice Regent.


Chaplain~ Michelle Snarr

I have been a member of DAR for 3 years. I first learned of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) only 4 years ago when I was attending Roots Tech. I was walking past the DAR table and met some lovely ladies that said they could help find my descendants. I didn’t have much faith that I had someone that served. I went home and looked on Family Search and to my very happy surprise, I have an ancestor. I went to the library, and they confirmed the information.

In the Spirit of America Chapter, my ancestor is the only one from Rhode Island. He served in the 4th Company, from Hopkinson-1st regiments in the Washington County Brigade,-Rhode Island Militia under Brig-General Joseph Stanton. He also served as an enlisted man in the 16th regiment of Albany, New York.

I like to volunteer and started when I was 14 as a candy striper for the Hospital. Volunteering is one of the things DAR focuses on, especially for the veterans of our country.  We are fortunate to work with Camp Williams and the Valor House. We have helped at the food pantry, we help Riverton High, Herriman High, Bingham High to keep their food pantry stocked. We painted cars at Tiny Tims for children around the world. We do so much more. I just love knowing I can help.


Recording Secretary~ Jill Vicory

I joined DAR seven years ago as a natural extension of my interest in family history. When I first checked into membership, I had no idea of the service and educational aspects of DAR, which are, of course, much of the important work we do today.

I look forward to meeting many of you in the year ahead while serving as our chapter’s Secretary!


Corresponding Secretary~ Mary Heine

Many years ago a family member encouraged me to join DAR after she had discovered an ancestor of ours fought in the American Revolution. I considered this really cool information and then put her advice on hold while I raised my family, worked full time and travelled the world – but the idea continued to germinate. And one day, while browsing through the SoJo Journal on a sunny afternoon, I happened upon an ad announcing the first meeting of the Spirit of America DAR chapter in our beautiful city of South Jordan! Well, my oh my, this was truly serendipity as I was finally at a place in my life where this was something I could pursue.
Two years later I finally became a member. It is with great pleasure and joy that I am able to serve you with my time, energy and whatever skills I am able to bring to the table. More importantly, it is exciting to be on this incredible journey with so many experienced, dedicated and patriotic women. Personally, it is our shared goals: to honor our past, to serve our communities – those in need, and those who have sacrificed for us so we are able to enjoy the land of the free – that keeps me inspired.
In one sense, our job is never done—for each new generation of young women will carry the torch of freedom if we’ve done our job of encouraging a love of country, a respect of our constitution and a courageous spirt of sacrifice.


Treasurer~ Catherine Voutaz

My interest in genealogy and DAR came from my father and my great Aunt, who verified their relationship to John Wilhoit, born in in Culpeper County, VA in 1742. He was a private from Orange, VA under Capts. Barbour, Miller, and Johnson and at the Siege of York- town when Cornwallis surrendered. John died in Kentucky in 1837.


Registrar~ Fran Jensen

I have wanted to join DAR for a number of years. When my sister asked if I wanted to join DAR with her, I jumped at the chance. My patriot ancestor, Josiah Sabin, 1747-1833, was one of the “Green Mountain Boys” during the war. I’m excited for the many service opportunities that are available to us as members of the Daughters of the American Revolution.


Librarian /Historian ~ Rorie Jackson

I grew up listening to stories of WWII from my grandfather, which instilled in me a desire to find ways to honor and support those that serve in the military. So, when I first heard about the DAR all I knew was that they did service for veterans and active-duty military members I knew I wanted to join without learning anything else about them. The incoming State Regent invited me to a Junior event and after that meeting, I finally started to know more about what the DAR does and I decided to wait to learn more by attending State Conference. After one meeting I was hooked! When I heard they were making a chapter closer to where I lived, I decided to join the Spirit of America Chapter.