Our Patriots


Each member of the Spirit of America Chapter, NSDAR, is proud of the direct lineage connecting her to a Patriot who aided the cause of the American Revolutionary War through military, civil, or patriotic service. Our Patriot ancestors sacrificed their lives and fortunes to fight for the freedoms that we enjoy today. We honor their legacy through our membership in the Daughters of the American Revolution.


CAPT-Captain; COL-Colonel; CPL- Corporal;  CS-Civil Service; ENS-Ensign; LT-Lieutenant; Mjr-Major; NONCOM – Non-Commissioned Officer; PVT-Private; PS-Public Service; SGT-Sergeant; SGT MAJ-Sergeant Major; SOL-Soldier

John Prentice Babcock – SOL
John Clark – PVT
Samuel Coy – PVT
Ezra Dowd – PS
Ephraim Terry – CS

Daniel Burbank – LT
Nathaniel Corbett – SGT
Moses Curtis – CPL
Josiah Sabin – PVT
John Sargent – PVT
Timothy Kearl Parcher – SOL
Hannah Watts Weston – PS
David Wood – PVT

Charles Claggett – PS
Ens.  John Mort – PS

North Carolina
John Clinkenbeard – PVT, PS
John Covington – PS
William Thomas – PVT,  PS
John Ware – PVT

New Hampshire
David Burbank – CPL
Peter Keyes – PVT
Benjamin Knight – SGT, PS
William Markham – SGT, PS
David Pulsipher – CPL
Jonathan Searle – PVT, PS
Chase Witcher – PVT

New Jersey
Frances Carleton – PVT
Nicholas Perrin – PVT

New York
Hiel Wilcox – PVT
Nathaniel Wilcox – PVT

George Baltzer Hess – PS
George Moseley – PVT
John Miser – PVT

Rhode Island
Joshua Tanner – ENS

South Carolina
Josiah Downing – SOL, PS
Thomas Hooten – SGT MJR
Joseph William Pickens – CAPT

John Bybee – PVT
John Clark, Jr. – PVT
Henry Fletcher – PS
Job Garvey – PVT
John Hacker -PVT
Thomas McLean – PVT
John Riley Parker – CAPT
John Sykes – PVT
Joshua Renfrew – LT
Bernard Reynolds – PVT
John Tipton – COL, CS, PS
John Wilhoit – PVT

Reuben Farnsworth – PVT
Wait Hopkins – MAJ